Volvo V60 D3 Momentum – Swedish bestseller

If you ask a project driver, or even someone who has never in his life sat behind the wheel of a car that were his first associations for Volvo, the most numerous answer will surely be safety. Probably no car brand is associated as much with a body shape as a Volvo with a station wagon and there are a number of great examples of this throughout history. The new V60 will, no doubt, have a loyal audience. 

The V60 is attractive in photos, but live it is truly magnetically appealing. 

Created on the SPA platform, on which both the XC60 and the 90 Series models run, it visually relies heavily on solutions previously introduced on the larger V90, but it also goes a step further.

From the front, you first notice the now kind of trademark detail like Thor’s hammer in the big headlights and the specific radiator grille, and the impression is actually that they all look even better here than on the larger model. Behind the Volvo sign hides adaptive cruise control, and a lower bumper that looks like it sucks everything in front of it.

New look, famous trademark

If we look from the side, the V60 really has a beautiful silhouette, and its lines emphasize the caravan look. This is the widest and fastest car in the class and the most important thing of the caravan is the size and space, when it comes to size, V60 is 4.7 meters long, 1.8 wide and 1.4 high , with again the largest wheelbase in the class of almost 2.9 meters makes it significant wider arms than its predecessor .. All this, of course, was reflected in the passenger cabin where the V60 holds some of the records in the class, which we will talk about later. Finally, to say that the weight is 1,668 kg and the size of the rims is 19 ”.

On the back, the V60 has an ideal design, straight edges and recognizable feet that extend from the roof to the bumper, unlike the previous cubic looks, the V60 is slightly lowered and rounded and very elegant. The stop lights fit perfectly along the very edge above the table. Volvo inscription located just below the glass that can be opened separately from the trunk, and exhaust pipes with chrome trim. When we mentioned the trunk, it should be noted that its volume is now 529 liters, which is larger than the competition, while by lowering the rear bench, that volume grows to 840 liters.

Inside, an already familiar instrument panel. The 12.3-inch central display is touch-sensitive, and working on it is similar to that of a phone. The instrument panel in front of the driver is digital with all the necessary information and a beautiful design. The seats are ergonomically perfectly done and are profiled in a combination of canvas and leather. Of course, Volvo also worked hard on the details and placed a small flag on the edge of the seat. These seats, along with the winter package, get heating as well as heated windshield nozzles. With the Volvo Sensus, you can connect an Android or Apple device, and the already well-known Harman Kardon would make the sound bioperfect. The center console is reserved for an automatic transmission, compartments and a pair of buttons that are of a very interesting design.

At the back, the story from a while ago about increasing the dimension refers very much to the back seat. More precisely, 51 cm of knee space, which is a record in this segment. There is enough space for 3 adults who will never complain if they go on a longer trip.

The unit is a diesel under the designation D3 that delivers 110 kW or 150 hp and 320 Nm and is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the front axle. This unit, although the car is quite large, is very economical and in our test consumption was about 5.8 liters , while the tank capacity is 55 liters. Top speed is 205 km / h while acceleration from 0 to 100 is 9.9 seconds .

And at the end of the price. The test model with all the additional equipment is 101,720 KM. Since this is a demo vehicle, the price is 77,890 KM.

Technical characteristics:

Engine:  2.0 D3, turbo diesel, four-cylinder
Power:  150 HP / 110 kW
Torque:  320 Nm
 : eight-speed automatic
Drive:  front


Acceleration:  0-100 km / h – 9.9 seconds
Top speed:  205 km / h


Length:  4,761 mm
Width:  1,850 mm
Height:  1,432 mm
Wheelbase:  2,872 mm
Vehicle weight:  1,668 kg

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