Renault Megane RS for everyday and track

We spent a couple of days hanging out with this peppery Frenchman who, to our regret, was just an “ordinary” RS delivering 250 hp.

By the way, the basic RS has 250 hp, later came the  Trophy versions with 265 and 275 hp (2012 and a slight redesign) , and enthusiasts who wanted total ecstasy with a turbo engine that bites wildly from low revs, chose an even more extreme version Cup with rigid chassis, Brembo brakes (340 mm), Recaro seats, 19-inch wheels

Reliability should not worry you, because the ADAC list of passenger interventions in the RS section remains completely empty when it comes to design ambiguities,  so any shortcomings are a matter of individual copy or the owner’s negligence.  In fact, RS is a complex athlete but you can still enjoy everyday driving with it. It is comfortable enough, the steering wheel is not too heavy and the sound coming from the exhaust is bearable. However, all this stops by pressing the “Sport” button, then from the change of engine operation, the steering wheel becomes much heavier and is much more precise, a higher response to gas and the best as icing on the cake becomes extremely noisy.

As for the handling, which the owners of the third generation of the “ordinary” Megane have complained about a lot, RS does not have a problem with that, perhaps in some situations, and it lies too well through the curves. Well-balanced operation of the gearbox, which transfers the power to the wheels quite solidly, and if you want a more dynamic ride, and at the same time for everyday work, this car is a real hit!


Motor: turbobenzinski

Volume: 1998 ccm

Snaga: 184 kW / 250 KS pri 5500 / min

Moment: 340 Nm pri 3000/min

Gearbox: manual, 6 gears

Dimensions: 430x185x143 cm

Wheelbase: 264 cm

Weight: 1460 pounds

Trunk: 377 liters

Speed: 250 km / h

0-100 km / h: 6.1 seconds

Consumption: 8.2 l / 100 km

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