Opel Astra won the Red Dot Award 2023.

The expert jury for awarding the Red Dot Award, which this year consisted of 43 judges, awarded the Opel Astra the Red Dot Award 2023 in the “product design” category. This is another in a series of awards that Astra has received so far.

Among other things, the Astra won the Golden Steering Wheel 2022, was chosen as the Family Car of the Year 2022, and the independent expert jury for the “German Car Awards” (GCOTY) declared it the “German Compact Car of the Year 2023”.

The new Astra offers plug-in hybrid drives, and will soon arrive as a fully electric Astra Electric. In terms of design, it is characterized by attractive, clean lines without unnecessary decorations. The Opel Vizor (the new face of the brand that was first given to the Mokka and the central element of the exterior design) follows the Opel Kompas, according to which the vertical and horizontal axes – the sharp crease of the engine cover and the graphic appearance of the daytime “winged” lights – intersect with the Opel Blitz in the middle.

Extending across the front and making the new Astra visually even wider, the Visor also perfectly integrates technologies such as the ultra-slim Intelli-Lux LED headlights available as an extra charge and the Intelli-Vision front camera system. Viewed from the side, the Astra of the new generation looks especially dynamic thanks to the accentuated inclination of the C-pillar towards the front.

At the back, the “Opel Compass” is repeated, with a centrally placed logo, vertically aligned high-mounted brake lights and taillights (energy-saving LED lights, like all exterior lights). Blitz, the symbol of lightning, also serves to open the tailgate, made of premium composite material. This technology is not only light and strong, it also enables the precise execution of design details such as the ultra-slim rear lights.

The new generation of Opel Astra is the next in a long line of winners of the Red Dot Award from Rüsselsheim. This prestigious award has already been won by numerous Opel models and marketing campaigns. The Red Dot Award, as one of the world’s largest design competitions, has been awarding innovative design in the categories of “product design”, “design of brands and communication tools” and “concept design” for more than 60 years. For the year 2023, the expert jury evaluated products from 60 countries. The awarding procedure is not a competition, but a testing of individual products.

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