Mercedes-Benz S 560 Coupe 4Matic sa 469 KS

Mercedes-Benz wisely took care not to disturb its graceful appearance. The sudden changes can be seen as a weakness in this segment, so Mercedes has taken a safe path for this model by limiting exterior changes to the revised front and rear bumpers and the new LED headlights. Even when equipped with the AMG Line package (AMG rims, a different “diamond block grille” with chrome tips and stainless steel pedals) seen on our test example S560 4Matic, the large coupe exudes elegance.

The big change happened under the hood, where the new 4.0 V8 Biturbo engine replaces the old 4.7-liter engine. The old engine was delivered 463 hp, while the new smaller engine “adds” 14 new horsepower or 345kW / 469 hp and 700Nm, all paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Technical novelties include Mercedes ’widescreen cockpit, basically a pair of 12.3-inch screens that combine the instrument panel and central display into one whole. The content can be displayed in a design called Classic, Sporty or Progressive, and it is possible to see certain data, such as navigation data or fuel economy data, in the center of the instrument panel. Small touchpads on the steering wheel, one to control each screen – allow the driver to operate the info system without lifting his hand from the steering wheel. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are present, and inductive charging is offered in the storage compartment on the front of the console.

Although neither slow nor extremely fast, the S Coupe S560 feels like the chassis and powertrain are constantly monitoring their actions to make passenger comfort a priority. If that sounds like a recipe for lazy acceleration, the numbers this car records say otherwise.

Spending just 4.6 seconds to complete a sprint from 0 to 100 km / km and “clean up” a quarter mile in just 12.5 seconds, this car is capable of serious and more aggressive driving, even more so getting out on the track is recommended. The top speed is only 250 km / h (electronically limited), but if that is not enough “by removing the lock”, this car with a mass of 2,000 kg will reach a maximum speed of 311 km / h. The tank capacity is 80 liters, while the consumption on the test in city conditions was about 19 liters, and outside the city, ie in the combined driving 9.6 and 12.1 liters per 100 km.

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