HPLUS RALLY: From Belgrade to Monte Carlo in the name of ecology and humanity

This year’s edition of the HPLUS RALLY takes place from June 3 to 9 and will bring together 50 top performance supercars that will start from Belgrade and spend an unforgettable seven-day adventure passing through Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Salsomaggiore on the way to their final destination in the beautiful Monaco.

Participants will have the opportunity to test their driving skills on the unique Riccardo Paletti – Varano Italy track, which will surely enrich their driving experience.

The HIFA-PETROL company has been organizing the HPLUS RALLY for the third year, so this year too the supercars will pour the best HPLUS Euro 6 Premium fuel during their journey through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

HPLUS BMB 100 RACING fuel is the most powerful fuel on the market intended for achieving top performance of super sports cars that you will have the opportunity to see during the event. This year’s HPLUS RALLY will be even better and more luxurious, with an emphasis on environmental awareness and humanitarian goals, and a handful of unique cultural and entertainment experiences in exclusive hotels, restaurants and clubs.

The participants are successful business leaders and public figures from the region and Europe, who gather to share their passion for driving and adventures, and in the process leave a positive impact on society.

The first carbon-neutral Supercar Rally in Southeast Europe!

The organizers of the HPLUS RALLY emphasize their commitment to sustainability and ecology by applying a number of measures to neutralize the impact of exhaust gas pollution. As part of their initiative, an adequate number of trees are planned to be planted in order to neutralize the effect of the amount of CO2 that will be emitted during the rally.

HPLUS RALLY has a humanitarian character above all, so this year too, all collected funds will be donated to the association Pomozi.ba for the carefully selected project “Lunch for students”, in order to provide children from socially disadvantaged families throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina with a meal at school. For the previous two years, more than 80,000 KM were collected and donated during the HPLUS RALLY.

The organizers emphasize that they prioritize safety, respect for local laws and customs, and responsible driver behavior. HPLUS RALLY is a unique experience that you don’t want to miss – regardless of whether you are a professional driver, car enthusiast, humanitarian and environmentally conscious or simply like to enjoy driving and socializing, this is the right opportunity for you.

During the visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 4, the locations to welcome the HPLUS RALLY will be the Hifa Petrol Ilidž gas station as well as the plateau in front of the SCC in Sarajevo with lots of fun and excitement. Visitors will have the opportunity to see all the vehicles, meet the drivers, public figures, and enjoy a lot of interesting and fun content, all with the presence of an incredible DJ and spectacular fireworks.

With the slogan “Where drivers become family”, HPLUS RALLY offers not only a unique driving experience through unforgettable landscapes, but also the opportunity to become part of a community dedicated to social responsibility. Join the HPLUS RALLY family and be part of this incredible experience that will bring you not only unforgettable driving moments, but also the opportunity to bring positive changes to society. Registrations are open on the website www.hplusrally.com , so don’t hesitate, sign up and let your journey begin.

Check if this year’s HPLUS RALLY will pass through your city and take the opportunity to enjoy supercars and unforgettable fun! Learn more about the event itself, view event announcements, as well as exclusive photos of the supercar via the website www.hplusrally.com as well as social media @hplusrally.

HPLUS RALLY – where drivers become family

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