Thursday , September 29 2022

How Aircraft Engines Are Made: You can assemble a Daimler replica in your home

The miniature replica is a V2 engine made of anodized aluminum, made at the end of the last century by Daimler.

The replica is based on the 1898 engine design that was used in the production of the aircraft. It is fully functional. Comes complete with electric motor, rechargeable batteries, lubricant and assembly tool.

Interestingly, the cylinder walls are notched so that the author can take a closer look at the process of engine operation. Assembling a replica is the perfect way to gain knowledge of the operation and parts of the engine. Also, the youngest fans of mechanics, by assembling one such car, gain basic knowledge.

The replica itself looks amazing and the video showing the process of putting it together is exceptional. This is a step-by-step tutorial explaining the emergence of engines that drive vehicles.

Daimler engine replicas are on Amazon for $ 494.42. Motor1 writes that not many are left in stock.

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