December 4, 2021


Blic vesti na klik.

Elvedina Muzaferija wins points in St. Moritz and entered the history of BiH. skiing

Our best skier Elvedin Muzaferi made history in BiH. skiing by winning points in the FIS European Cup competition.
On December 10 and 11, Muzaferia (20) participated in the super-giant slalom competitions in St. Petersburg. Moritz, where she placed 28th in very strong competition, which earned her three points in the FIS European Cup standings.

On the first day of the competition, Elvedina started as 58th out of 70 female competitors, earning a time of 1: 19.21, which was 2.48 seconds lower than winner Ide Dannewitz. Second and third place went to one of the best skiers in the world, Tessi Worley and Wendy Holdener.

On the second day of the competition, Muzaferi failed to finish the race.

Muzaferia became the first bh. a skier who has won points in the FIS European Cup. In the men’s competition this was followed only by Enis Becirbegovic, who reached the first points in 1999, collecting 63 in total.

Otherwise, Muzaferija is on its way to becoming the best bh. skier in history. This title is held by Mojca Rataj, whose best result is 19th place in the slalom at the 2005 World Cup in Santa Caterina, while at the Tokyo Olympics next year she finished 31st, also in the slalom.

Interestingly, Muzaferia also boasts 31st place from the Pyeongchang Olympic Games in downhill last year.

Rataj, who replaced Slovenian citizenship with ours in 2005, has never been under BiH. flag won points in the FIS European Cup. She has won points several times under the Slovenian flag, her best result being 21st in 2000.