We tested the first electric scooter in BiH: the buzz around town for 0 marks

Electric mobility has long been not a thing of the future, so although we are lagging behind the rest of the world in this regard, it is now possible to buy electric bicycles, cars, and now scooters, more precisely mopeds, here. We tried an electric Motogrini that looks like a retro scooter, but in its mechanics there is a bit of that retro.
The future of individual transport is definitely electric, and everyone who feared it meant that the excitement of driving would disappear, obviously deceived. Not only can electric cars, bikes and motorcycles be very dynamic and fast, but they show us that they don’t have to look boring and generic. Quite the opposite. That’s exactly what we thought when looking at the Motogrini E: Motion electric motorcycle. A retro design that clearly resembles the ever-loved Vespa, with also retro beige color and playful color combinations on labels, or as Motogrini calls them – Shara, is as fun as any motorcycle of this size with a classic gasoline engine. Probably more.

For the first contact with this kind of electric scooter we have chosen Motogrini e: motion 2048 L3 which is also the top model e: motion type of Motogrini electric scooter. Although not just a classic 50cc scooter, e: motion has retained the best practical side of this size scooter. You only need to have an AM or B category driver’s license and use a safety helmet to operate it.

We drove through Sarajevo crowds, on narrow and not very straight streets in downtown Motogrini for several days and checked how practical, fast and safe it was.

What we liked first and foremost was the ease of use and launch, whether you had ridden a scooter before or not. The wide and soft seat will be comfortable for most drivers, while the controls are extremely simple and clear. So the digital dashboard shows the exact battery capacity as well as the remaining miles that can be traveled, and there is a clearly readable speedometer.

An interesting detail is the 3-speed switch, which is located under the right lever and is very practical for city driving. In the first position, the scooter has the lowest maximum speed, but gives very moderate acceleration, which is ideal for starting from a jerkless location. The second “speed” gives slightly better acceleration, while in the third position e: motion gives the maximum of its performance.

Compared to the classic 50cc scooter, we liked the complete absence of noise and sound, of course. Only the wind that flows around the helmet and the low rolling noise of the wheels make the driving experience unique. Also, thanks to the principle of electric motor operation, the initial acceleration of such an electric scooter is much more convincing and more linear than that of a gasoline engine.

Justifiable concern arose when we walked along the steep streets that Sarajevo lacked. What if we had to stop in the middle of the hill? Will it go or will we capitulate to the force of gravity? Still, a seemingly modest 3kW electric motor built into the rear wheel axle easily launched a 92-pound, 96-pound ballast scooter.

The other extreme where we tried out the Motogrini is the main three-lane switchback and cars moving at around 60mph. This is where Motogrini e: motion works similar to the classic 50cc scooters, with a top speed of 50 km / h and small 10-inch wheels, which makes it better to avoid large impact holes. Also, from a driving perspective, we would like a slightly more comfortable suspension, more accurate dampers and a more efficient headlamp that scattered light on unlighted roads.

Up to this point, almost everything we have tried is very similar to a 50cc gasoline scooter, except of course there is no noise at all. But the point and the novelty that Motogrini brings is hidden under the seat. The large, high capacity interchangeable lithium battery provides a range of up to 70 km under ideal conditions or even over 100 km with an optional R-module. Depending on your options, you can charge your Motogrina via the socket under the seat or remove the battery and take it to your home or office for charging.

With a silent HUB engine of 2,000 W or 3 kW of maximum output, Motogrini e_motion is indeed a new generation scooter and we are pretty confident that this particular segment of the scooter will replace gasoline engines with electric ones very soon. There are more than enough reasons for this. As we are convinced, in driving such an electric motor offers the same performance as gasoline, but in terms of operation and maintenance similarities cease.

Namely, the average driver of a 50cc scooter consumes more than 800 convertible marks of gasoline in the season from April to November, while in the same period such electric scooter consumes only 13 marks of electricity. On the other hand, when the battery is discharged, it is not necessary to go to a pump or special charging station, but it is also possible to charge it on a regular city network.

An equally important factor is the maintenance of a scooter, which is quite cheap and petrol, while with such electric it is even cheaper and easier. With Motogrini’s excellent warranty of up to seven years, or 25,000 miles, virtually all the downsides of owning and running a scooter are gone. Now that traffic jams are an all-day occurrence, this kind of transportation, which is at the same time very cheap and environmentally friendly, and quiet seems like the right move.

Basic information: Motogrini e: motion 2048 L3
Price incl. VAT: 5.890 KM
Engine power – 2000 W (equivalent to 49ccm / 4T / 3kW – indicative parameters are given to give the impression of driving feeling)
Maximum speed: 25/45/52 km / h +/- 5% (legal)
Transmission: electronic, 3 gears
Maximum single charge range: 60+ km (depending on terrain configuration and vehicle load)
Battery charging time: 2.5 to 3 , 5 hours
Battery: 48V / 30Ah lithium – replaceable
Battery life: about 800 charges (depending on charging mode)
Maximum vehicle load: 180 kg
Vehicle weight (with battery): 92 kg
Brakes: front – hydraulic disc, rear – drum
Front suspension: Hydraulic telescopic fork with 2 shock absorbers
Rear suspension: 2 mono shock shock absorber
Engine: electro, contactless / brushless, direct-drive
Wheels: 3.50 R10 front and rear
Maximum angle of inclination: 20 degrees
Vehicle dimensions: 1830 x 696 x 1135 mm
CO2 emission: None
Color: ivory or black
Control panel: digital, trip computer, rest of the way

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