We tested the electric mix of scooter and rhombus for the original and carefree summer

As summer heat does not wane, so does the popularity of electric rhombuses and scooters, which demand has literally exploded in BiH this summer. This time we tried something completely new and original on the subject of electric and urban mobility. 4All is a Monster electric scooter that delivers great performance with its special appearance.
Electric scooters and scooters are popular for a reason, except that they offer an excellent alternative to urban transportation. they are fun and cool at the same time, attracting younger and older alike. With high demand, market appetites are also growing, and variations on the subject or faster and more powerful options than romobiles reaching speeds of about 25 km / h soon began to be sought.

The company 4All so is the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina offered several alternatives to the electric drive, where among electric bikes and scooters certainly highlights original and special electric scooter Monster. The striking name justifies it at first glance by its aggressive design, so it looks like a monster in addition to classic romobiles.

In addition to its generous proportions and large “off-road” tires, the 4All Monster also stands out with its large seat and really looks like an interesting transitional solution between a romobile and a classic scooter. The seat is wide and quite comfortable, and like the steering wheel it is adjustable in height, so you can easily rest comfortably for driving. Compared to the romobiles you still stand on, the Monster is a great asset here, so driving from one end of town to the other won’t really bother you.

A great design detail is the large and massive skateboard on the tread, which definitely adds to the original look and provides plenty of legroom, while also allowing easy access to the battery.

Monster also reveals that it is a true e-scooter with suspension elements, so two gas shock absorbers front and two back with a compact suspension solution allow enough absorption of unevenness on the road. However, if you look for a ride on the ground or gravel, you should be aware that the shock absorbers are not spring-supported and that you can do better on the asphalt. The Monster also has dual disc brakes that effectively stop it, but you should know that these are mechanical brakes, not hydraulic ones, so at higher speeds you need a slightly stronger grip on the brake lever.

The electric motor is elegantly concealed in front of the rear wheel and transmits to the rear wheel through its 2000 W or approximately 2.7 hp chain. With immediately available torque, this is enough power for convincing acceleration, but also keeping a fairly high speed average. This can also be thanks to the choice of 5 different “speeds”, while in additional “turbo” Monster mode it can easily reach 50 km / h. Even more important than top speed is that the Monster will easily climb the higher hill, even well above the 30% climb promised by the factory specification.

The performance and driving dynamics of the Monster can be easily classified side by side with scooters that have a 50cc gasoline engine or similar motorcycle, but because of its construction and drive, it still does not require registration, and in that sense is an excellent and very affordable alternative.

Of course, due to the very nature of the electric drive, the cost of operating such a scooter is very low and the only cost left is the electricity you use to charge a 12 Ah battery. The charging process itself is extremely simple and, depending on the battery life, takes up to 6 hours. For such a simple scooter, a small digital controller on the steering wheel is also commendable through which you can monitor power consumption, speed, and also select the mode of operation of the electric motor. With LED back and forth controls, flashing lights, sirens, rearview mirrors and an additional battery indicator on the right, the 4All Monster offers truly complete information and controls.

As its performance and driving characteristics are still in the category of light motorcycle, it should be borne in mind its weight of 50 pounds, both in the ride and in parking. In case you play with speed and forget about power consumption, you can push the Monster too, but because of the weight and the transmission, the resistance is too high for you to use as a car in such a situation.

Because of this combination of performance and dimensions, the Monster is actually a real crossover between a romobile and a scooter, and it definitely brings a whole new and fresh dimension to electric mobility. For those who still need to go a few more miles in one day and climb the Monster Hill, this is an ideal choice. It will all work with ease, and most importantly you will have a great time.

Basic information: 4ALL Monster e-scooter
Price with VAT: 3.250 KM – 4ALL Sarajevo
Weight: 50,6 kg
Dimensions: 1350/640/990 mm
Engine power: 2000W
Maximum speed: 50 km / h
Maximum load: 150kg
Maximum range : 40km
Recharge Cycle: 800
Voltage: 48V
Recharge Time: 6h
Suitable for Age: 14+ Years
Rise: 30%

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