We drove a Volkswagen T6.1 in Amsterdam: The icon has been upgraded

Volkswagen has once again proved that it can always do something better in every segment of its rich offer, on the example of the sixth generation of its legendary Transporter, that is, the new version marked T6.1, which we exclusively had the opportunity to try out in Amsterdam and its surroundings.
Volkswagen’s popular van has been on the roads since the 1950s, is fully customer-oriented, and to date has experienced six generations and become a cult. The T6.1 represents a step forward for the sixth generation, that is, an adequate transition to the seventh generation, and has undergone significant and significant changes to the exterior, interior and technology. As is the case with previous models, the German giant has done a great job and indeed offered improvements to its model while respecting its 70-year tradition.

At first glance, the T6.1 looks different from the front, which now looks even more modern, more attractive and attractive, thanks in particular to the new grille design with a slightly narrower bumper, and is also adorned with the new H7 and LED lights. The sleeker design is also due to the new 17-inch alloy wheels, as well as the new body color, which has been laterally labeled with model names, while the legendary name Bulli can be found for a small surcharge.

As for the interior, the changes are reflected in the new dashboard, new controls, new details and fabric, door panels and colors, standard equipment has been improved, and interior lighting is now fully in LED technology. The new intotainment system comes with a screen size of up to 9.2 inches, while the size of the Digital Cockpit, or digital control panel, is 10.25 inches.

What stands out especially from Volkswagen are the richer equipment packages, which now include crosswind assist for the T6.1 Multivan, an ESP sub-function that helps the driver cope with crosswind and automatically activates the brakes if necessary, fully LED H7 interior lighting in Trendline equipment, Composition Color radio also in Trendline equipment, multifunction leather-coated steering wheel for Trendline and Confortline equipment packages, LED headlights and taillights, park assist, Discover Media navigation system and Digital Cockpit for Highline equipment, while USB-C ports appeared in Comfortline and Highline gear. The appearance of the digital cockpit, or what its screen displays, changes with the push of a button, so the driver can choose what information he wants to be displayed.

The van panel, or van, now has cross wind assist, full LED lighting, H7 headlights, power window controller, side electric retro-viewers, Composition Audio central locking radio, hands-free bluetooth system. Two pallets fit easily into the van.

T6.1 The conveyor offers an additional 40 cm of cargo loading length that can fit under the front passenger’s folding seat, lockable compartments, numerous compartments and compartments, 230V socket, back-up camera and more.

An integrated eSIM connection ensures fast and easy connection. We Connect provides you with a more comfortable and safe ride, offering important information on the road and the ability to use a variety of online services including voice commands.

It should be noted that the new T6.1 has about twenty auxiliary systems, nine of which are new, namely the trailer assistance system, parking assistance, vehicle lane keeping, steering, sign recognition, lateral protection system, crosswind warning system , behind-the-vehicle traffic detection system and tire pressure monitoring system.

Volkswagen has also improved comfort by raising its seating position and spine support available. The electronic-mechanical control is also new, it is precise but not too light and does not seem “artificial”. Still, driving through city streets and maneuvering makes it much easier and easier. The T6.1 is easy to drive, easy to get used to, and quite comfortable, and in the travel version further journeys are a real pleasure. Even for those whose job it is to sit behind the wheel, whether it is a van or a pickup truck, Volkswagen has saved a job they will not want to leave, and will do the job in complete safety and ultimate comfort.

When it comes to engines, the T6.1 is available with a 2.0-liter TDI engine of 90 hp and 220 Nm, 110 hp and 250 Nm, 150 hp and 340 Nm, and a 199 hp and 450 Nm BiTDI unit on offer are five-speed (90 hp only) and 6-speed manual, as well as a seven-speed automatic DSG transmission with very fast changes, and 4Motion all-wheel drive for two more powerful versions. All engines meet the stricter Euro 6d-Temp emission standards.

An electric version called e-Transporter is also expected to be produced for Volkswagen by partner company ABT.

Sales in BiH will start later this year.

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