the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe in Innsbruck: Proof that elegance, sport and luxury go together

Mercedes-Benz has prepared in response to the Cayenne Coupe and the new X6 with incredible speed, and has already introduced the second generation of its large SUV coupe. We made the first miles with the GLE Coupe not far from Innsbruck. We hoped there would be at least some snow for fun with a 4Matic drivetrain and a powerful AMG model, but what we were greeted with was few who could expect and anticipate.
Among luxury SUVs, the pace and combat have never been more intense than they are now, especially when talking about their even more fashionable and popular coupe versions. There is no place or time to be out of trend here, and Mercedes-Benz is well aware of this. Nearly four years after the launch of the first GLE Coupe, its brand new second generation arrives, and in line with its image, the Stuttgart star has no intention of facilitating competition this time around. On the contrary.

To be literally among the first in the world to try the brand new GLE Coupe, we headed to Innsbruck and then an hour and a half drive deeper into the South Tyrol region. Unfortunately, although with our colleagues from Serbia, Japan, Korea and Russia, we first paved the way for the GLE Coupe through Tyrolean snow, we still had to wait 15 days for the announcement of our impressions because of the Mercedes-Benz embargo. Still, Western Europe has a priority, but that didn’t stop us from looking forward to seeing at least some snow. We tried the E Class All Terrain at the same place a few years ago, when we enjoyed the ideal conditions for such a car.

WE DROVE ON9.12.2016. at 22:00 at Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain presentation in Innsbruck: Ready for All

Although this time we were earlier in the year, at the end of November, we were caught by a completely different picture. When we arrived at the final destination, Hochgurgl in the Solden region, we found some snow, which locals say they haven’t seen at this time of year since the early 1980s. Even though part of our test route was completely cut off by 6 meters of snow, the fun with the powerful SUV Coupe and 4Matic drivetrain could obviously begin.

While it’s reasonable to think that all the different versions and subversions of a single car are just a way for a manufacturer to sell the same technology repeatedly in different packaging, in the case of the new GLE Coupe it really doesn’t stand. Mercedes-Benz has really refined and developed its platform for the large SUV for each version, and in the case of the GLE Coupe it best reveals the wheelbase. Compared to the standard GLE, this distance is as much as 60 mm shorter, which, according to Mercedes-Benz engineers, is one of the main prerequisites for making a car more agile and agile. Also, the transmission in the steering is shorter and the feel on the steering wheel is more direct and precise, which makes it very good to cover both pounds and inches when driving.

Even more pronounced sporty look and coupe form

The new GLE CoupĂ© is 39 mm longer and 7 mm wider than its predecessor, but its overall proportions and shorter wheelbase emphasize the dynamics of the GLE CoupĂ©. The front gives a clear appearance to the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, but with clear features of this brand’s coupĂ© models such as a “diamond” mask with a large logo in the middle and a dominant horizontal molding. Of course, the more extreme AMG model is also clearly distinguished by a special mask that is highlighted by the vertical moldings but also by the more aggressive bumper shape. The lights are also new in LED technology, and the coupe’s shape is first and foremost emphasized by the additionally laid windshield, which fits in better with the lower and sloping roofline, which therefore looks just as good as on a standard coupe model.

The sides of the new GLE Coupe are highlighted by heavily accentuated fenders that house wheels between 19 and 22 inches in diameter. The fender frames as well as the optional massive sill extras make it particularly clear that this is a large SUV after all.

Of course, the dynamics of the coupe line stand out in particular with the rear design. The wide and muscular hips under the rear roof rack, which begin at the rear door and feature new LED stop lights, give the GLE Coupé a powerful and sporty look that is more stylish and elegant than its predecessors. The very shape of the taillights clearly classifies the GLE Coupe in the Mercedes family of coupe models, while the graphics of the LED lights themselves from a distance make it clear that it is a Mercedes-Benz.

Sporty and interior, without loss of comfort and comfort

Inside, the new GLE CoupĂ© welcomed us with the styling we are accustomed to in the new-generation Mercedes, so even though the comfort and luxury are clear, the sporting features are also clear. The driving environment delivers the familiar sight of a very modern cockpit with two large 12.3-inch screens. As with other models, you can fully personalize your driving experience here, and the amount of information and combinations seems almost endless. When driving through Tyrol, we definitely liked the navigation device option, which very effectively combines your route information with a map, a front camera image and a three-dimensional view of the directions and turns you need to make. A very comfortable and completely “augmented reality” experience that is not just “makeup”

Of course, the GLE Coupé also brings the latest generation of MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment systems with a multitude of features for connectivity, fun and ride comfort. It boasts intuitive voice control and the ability to learn MBUX, as well as a wide range of applications that can be integrated or
controlled by MBUX .

Inside, the GLE Coupe reveals that it is basically a large and luxurious SUV, the largest center console with four large square vents. Also, the large central “ridge” with infotainment controls and driver systems is further highlighted by large handrails on both sides. When we add high quality and eye-pleasing combinations of wood or aluminum to everything, and in the case of AMG and carbon, inserts, the abundant use of quality ARTICO artificial leather, then the atmosphere is complete and truly characteristic of the right Mercedes-Benz. Of course, the elements most commonly handled, such as the steering wheel, are nevertheless lined with high-quality, very pleasing Nappa leather, while the GLE Coupe specifically offers color combinations that emphasize a sporty atmosphere, such as the combination of red and black leather.

Where the GLE Coupe really does not fit into the real coupe models is the space offer. So despite the fact that it has 60mm shorter wheelbase than standard GLE, it’s still 20mm more than its predecessor. In practice, this means that passengers have a lavish supply of space, even back where the falling roof line is not a problem. The specific shape of the body only partially affects the position of the rear bench, where the height of the seating surface from the floor is relatively small.

Space is not lacking for luggage, too, so the large trunk opening, which receives as much as 655 liters, is even larger than its predecessor and is realistically more than sufficient for any needs. A high loading edge was inevitable, but thanks to the air suspension at loading, the rear of the GLE Coupe can be lowered by 50 mm.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 400d 4MATIC – Powerful turbodiesel is still the choice of the present

Despite the wide variety of technologies and engines offered by Mercedes-Benz for the GLE, the first miles in the new GLE Coupe were made in a model that is a very classic choice for their average customer. Bright red color and powerful 400d turbodiesel along with a very sleek black interior with aluminum details highlighted the large coupe on the streets of Innsbruck that had already been conquered by winter gray.

Although the sporty coupĂ©-type SUV is somehow best seen with the powerful gasoline, this 400d is not exactly a standard economical and weak diesel. On the contrary, diesel 6 cylinders with a total volume of 2,925 cc produces as much as 330 hp and a powerful 700 Nm which is available from 1,200 rpm. In a non-AMG sports version, this kind of GLE Coupe really caught us by the pace and performance it is capable of. Despite the large and heavy bodywork, sprinting to 100 km / h takes only 5.7 seconds, and even more impressive are the intermediate speeds. With all this, the amazing soundproofing and comfortable air suspension make you really forget about the environment. Simply put, the stress level always stays in the green area, whether you’re in the hustle and bustle, on the highway, or on the winding, snow-covered mountain passes.

Also, a slightly lower choice of this engine was offered, so the “basic” diesel GLE Coupe comes with the same engine but is rated 350d and has 272 hp and 600 Nm, and also offers very convincing performance and very exemplary economy.

Mercedes AMG GLE 53 4MATIC + CoupĂ© – Powerful, loud and fast justifies the AMG name and Coupe design The

impressive 400d yet impressive image of a sports SUV coupe was discovered after a break at one of the ski resorts. We made our way through the crowds of skiers and snowboarders who, by their number, found the always ready Tyrolean caterers and replaced the red 400d with the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4Matic in Selenite silver metallic. Even more pronounced body muscles, distinctive AMG details and a striking four-way exhaust cannon

At the push of a button, we woke up to a six-cylinder twinturbo, and a big turbac like this on a cold exhaust start gives an impressive bass. Snow and ice may not seem like the ideal test ground for a 435hp powerful SUV, but intelligent all-wheel-drive 4Matic + specifically tuned by AMG engineers and Pirelli Sottozero tires gave us an impressive level of safety and control. The fast pace and climb to Hochgurgl were a lot of fun, and in addition to the powerful engine and the impeccably fast and sleek 9-speed automatic transmission, we were also surprised by the fact that the AMG GLE 53 so well “hides” its weight and size in fast cornering. Despite its high body weight, the tilting when changing direction is very moderate, and the feeling of control and handling is almost the same as the smaller and more compact sedans.

Later, at a technical briefing, we discovered that the AMG Active Ride Control system is the main secret of the excellent handling and driving characteristics of the new GLE Coupe. Behind that name are two active balance rods, one on the front and one on the rear axle with electro-mechanical actuators that can be used to select the driving mode. Unlike similar hydraulic systems, this system has a much shorter reaction time, and in addition to drastically reducing tilting in direction changes, it also effectively reduces the effect of uneven driving while driving on the road, which further enhances comfort.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC + Coupé

  • AMG six-cylinder in-line engine with twin turbocharged and EQ-Boost function generates a total of 320 kW (435 hp) and a temporary additional 16 kW (22 hp) of electric power.
  • The AMG special mask with 15 vertical ribs ensures a special and distinctive look.
  • AMG RIDE CONTROL + air suspension with AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL electro-mechanical tilt stabilization and continuously adjustable damping.
  • AMG DYNAMIC SELECT with seven drivers: slippery, comfortable, sporty, sporty +, single, track and sand.
  • Power transmission and suspension The Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC + CoupĂ© is specially configured for superior AMG performance and dynamics that is recognizable for cars coming from Affalterbach.

With an advanced air suspension that is also further tuned and customized in AMG, which features an ADS + Adaptive Damping System, the GLE 53 offers an incredible combination of extremely comfortable and sleek ride with a very dynamic and crisp chassis response. The driver can switch from Comfort mode to extreme Sport + mode in the GLE 53, in which the GLE 53 gets louder, sharper and steeper in a split second, if desired and at the turn of an interestingly designed switch on the steering wheel. A real AMG!

Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 de 4MATIC CoupĂ© – Diesel plug-in hybrid for incredible silence and impressive range

We met the full range and all the talents of the Mercedes SUV Coupe the other day, on our way back to Innsbruck. After loud and fast AMG, we went the complete opposite. The plug-in hybrid diesel is something that Mercedes-Benz can boast for now, and we were able to take a closer look and get to know the entire hybrid bow during the tech talk the day before. A large, floor-less battery pack with a 100 kW electric motor paired with a four-cylinder turbodiesel delivers a total of 320 hp and as much as 700Nm. With its performance as well as its electric range, which exceeds 100 kilometers, the GLE-like drive clearly begs the question who needs electric cars. This is a really practical and usable car with low emissions, low power consumption and excellent performance.

Main features of plug-in hybrid diesel drive:
• Electric range up to – 106 km (NEDC)
• Electric power up to – 100 kW
• Cumulative power of electric and SUS engine – 235 kW / 320 HP
• Drive torque sum – 700 Nm
• Maximum speed – up to 160 km / h (electric) / 210 km / h (full capacity)
• Acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 6.9 seconds

While driving, the hybrid GLE 350 de 4MATIC Coupé impressed us with the sleekness of the hybrid assembly and the seamless regeneration of kinetic energy. This system performs energy recovery on all four wheels, with maximum torque at energy recovery of as much as 1,800 Nm. Clearly, steel discs and disc pads on this kind of GLE will take a very long time. With a moderate pace, EV mode in this kind of GLE can be sufficient for almost any occasion except longer trips.

Mercedes-Benz and its SUV are manufactured in the United States, more specifically in Tuscaloosa,
Alabama, where more than three million cars have been manufactured since 1997. The GLE and GLE Coupe are important models for Mercedes-Benz, and with such a diverse range of powertrains and technology with a look that is now completely fresh and attractive, it is quite clear that it will remain at the very top of this very specific and competitive class.

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