Star Experience: Brutal GT63 S “blazes” track NAVAK, G-Class always impressive

The start of the week could not have been better as Star Import, the general distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Serbia, Montenegro, BiH and Albania, in cooperation with Daimler AG, organized another Star Experience event on the NAVAK track in SubotiŇ°te, Serbia.
Like in previous years, the Star Experience was a truly fantastic experience, and this year’s motto “Experience Above Your Expectations” is fully justified.

In three days, 250 guests visited the NAVAK track, including a journalist who tried out some of the most attractive vehicles from Mercedes.

This year’s Star Experience was special because the legendary G-Class celebrates its 40th birthday this year under the slogan “Stronger then time”, and this model was part of an interesting off road program among others.

For Star Experience participants, a program consisting of four segments has been prepared, namely Intelligent Drive, AMG Agility Course, Off Road Track and Safety Experience. The programs were run by experienced professional driving instructors from Mercedes Driving Academy with the help of Mercedes Training Center from Serbia and the National Driving Academy (NAVAK).

We started the program with the Intelligent drive segmentDuring which the instructors of Mercedes Training Center from Serbia and the German Driving Academy presented all the advanced features of the C-Class. In various specific driving situations we got to know the latest features of the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive system such as Active Brake Assist, Drive Pilot, Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimit Pilot and Remote Park Pilot.

In the demonstration of the Active Brake Assist system, we have seen how in a situation where the driver does not pay enough attention the car detects traffic or pedestrians in front, warns the driver and, if necessary, activates the brakes and thus prevents an accident. The Drive Pilot system monitors traffic, slows or stops the vehicle as needed, and then resumes driving when traffic starts. Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimit Pilot recognizes signs of restriction and adjusts vehicle speed. Remote Park Pilot is used to park vehicles using a smartphone, an installed application and Bluetooth connectivity.

The safety experience was a demonstration of Mercedes safety systems we tested on a demolition ground to simulate sudden braking and obstacle avoidance, behind the wheel of the new A-Class, A-Class Sedan, B-Class, C-Class and GLC. At a speed of 80 km / h or more, we squeezed the accelerator pedal as high as possible and then avoided the cones and stopped the vehicle with a left-hand maneuver. Powerful brakes and length and stopping time are impressive.

After that, we moved on to the AMG agility course segment and experienced the high performance and sporting experience offered by the A35 AMG, E53 AMG, C63 AMG and the big star of the GT63 S. Clearly this model was a “featherweight”, but it was really exciting to drive and the fantastic C63 AMG it left on us, dare we say, make an equally good impression. Otherwise, the GT63 S is powered by AMG’s 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine paired with the AMG Speedshift MCT nine-speed sports gearbox that develops 639 hp and 900 Nmof torque. From 0 to 100 km / h, this beast accelerates in 3.2 seconds. All of these models boast a comfortable and luxurious interior, excellent performance and modern technology. With their design and appearance they are a magnet for attention on the street, and on the track they turn into serious sports cars.

After rapid laps in which tires were fired and the brakes of the AMG models were applied, a dramatic change followed, an off-road course next to the NAVAK track that served to demonstrate the capabilities of Mercedes ATVs. Of course, the G-Class was inviolable, but nothing could be remedied even by the popular new GLE and GLC models that overcame obstacles with ease. However, the G-Class remained untouchable, so we tried it where it wasn’t planned, including the water pool.

In the breaks between segments of the Star Experience, we visited an exhibition made up of the unique Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster, the GT 4-Door. Mercedes-Maybach, B-Class, C-Class, C-Class Sedan and CLA and GLC models.

All in all, the tenth Star Experience justified the traditionally high expectations, the GT63 S “ignited” the track, and the G-Class spiced it all up by demonstrating its power in its natural environment, off-road.

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