Zavidovic’s Edin Klis handball diamond in Iskra is sanded for stellar heights

Bugojno will be the handball center of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday. The gorgeous Edin Klis comes to Goran Vakuf’s Slogan Iskra, and the regional derby will attract a lot of attention.
These are two teams whose halls have been filled to the last place since the first round of the new championship.

Local fans are very hopeful of Klis, a young handball player who has attracted the attention of Bilal Schumann through his games. This 19-year-old Zavidovic player is at the top of the Premier League goalscorer list after 13 games played, with 127 goals scored. Klis has averaged almost 10 goals per game and is the only companion on the list of Maglaj handball player Benjamin Cickusic (107). The 195-centimeter Iskra left back can hardly wait to run out to the Bugojno crowd on Saturday.

“I can’t wait for the game. The stakes are big and I know that there is a big positive sports rivalry between the two clubs. There is a long tradition of handball duels between these two clubs, a neighbor’s derby and I hope we can win. Bugojno started playing handball. The BiH league is full of stands. Both at our and Sloga matches. There is talk of handball, Saturday is reserved for handball. The whole of Bugojno lives for our matches and it is very nice to be in such an atmosphere every day, “Klis points out at the beginning of the interview.

Already from the youth categories in the town of wood and handball he attracted the attention of coaches and very young took his place in the senior team. After a season in the First League of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina came an invitation from Iskra Bugojno to continue his career in the city of Vrbas.

“I went through those youth selections in Krivaya already. I suddenly got into the senior squad and somehow I expected it to continue. From the first league of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina I quickly moved to the Premier League of BiH and played immediately for 60 minutes. Thank God. going to Iskra was a good move. Great competition also required more effort. I’m glad I made the most of it. Selector Schumann’s call arrived. The pressure is greater, the feeling is phenomenal, but I can say that I can handle it well with that, ”says Klis.

Moving to Iskra was a step forward in left-back careers, and leaving home was not easy for a young handball player.

“Of course it was difficult to leave Zavidovic and leave my family. I went young from my parents, but on the other hand I am glad about my career and my progress in sports. In Bugojno I have the opportunity to show more about Iskra playing in the BiH Premier League and I believe I showed that it all paid off, “Klis points out.

The national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected to rejuvenate soon, and Klis, if he continues like this, will certainly be one of the carriers of the game in the future.Ibrahim Haseljic, Enes Keskic, Dino Hamidovic … These are all young and promising handball players who should be the future of the national team. The young handball player has a message for all those who are at their sporting beginnings and who dream of a representative jersey.

“I think the most important thing is that you believe in yourself and push the boundaries of work and effort on a daily basis. We are aware of what kind of system we live in and how much it slows us down in those intentions. it’s possible to make dreams come true with a lot of effort and work. I’ve trained a lot with teams and individually, behind four walls. The effort and work pay off. Everyone who believes in their dreams and works hard and hard to make it happen, I think they can do it. ” says Klis.

He says there is no such thing as a handball idol. He would love to one day play in the Champions League of the best clubs in the world and go all the way. It may not be that far, since some of the Bundesliga players have already shown interest in the young left fielder. He hopes to one day share a locker room with the best handball players in the world and learn more from them. He might have his first chance at the reunion of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and even if he is not on the final list of selectors Schumann, there is no doubt that if he continues this way, he will have his chance.

“It’s just one more motive for me and a testament to some good work both at the club and in the training. It gives me the strength and the morale to keep working and training even more, to be even better. Whether I go to Norway or not “At the moment, I’m proud of being in the planner’s plans and what I’ve done so far. I will continue to be worth the training and give my best on the handball courts and believe that the reward will come,” Klis says.

The ticket to the big derby championship is almost gone. Everyone wants to take their place at KSC Bugojno and enjoy 60 minutes of good handball. The Bugojno handball has long been a no-brainer, but the young handball player took the opportunity to invite the audience to Central Bosnia’s first handball derby this season.

“I saw that 3,000 tickets were sold in two days, but again I will invite everyone to come to this spectacle. There will be a lot of fight and good handball and this is enough invitation for everyone. I hope that in the end there will be a victory for Iskra and that we will celebrate together with our fans, “Klis points out at the end of the interview.

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