October 28, 2020


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Volkswagen’s touching farewell to the popular Beetle

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With the cease of production of the Beetle, Volkswagen has announced the future. Volkswagen officially discontinued the production of the famous Bub in July 2019. This means that this year 2020 is the first year in seven decades without this cult car.

Volkswagen wanted to bid farewell to its beloved model once again, for the last time, with a touching advertisement.

In a delightfully animated video, the longtime owner of the original Beetle goes back to relive the memories of his beloved car. The famous Beetle is a participant in every major episode in this owner’s life, from learning to drive to driving his wife to the hospital to give birth. The old man gets out of the car near the sign that says “Last mile”, the car suddenly crashes and goes down the road.

As the Beetle slowly walks the road, a crowd of fans behind her pops up, waving signs featuring some of the most famous marketing slogans of this “Think small” and “Not a lemon” cars. ).

At the end of the journey, the Beetle passes by its owner one last time after which it becomes an insect that disappears into the distance. The screen dims, an outline of Volkswagen’s new electric car ID appears, with the message “Where one time ends, the other begins.”

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