Sarajevo actress spoke openly about setting up a contest in a theater

Theater and film actress Ivana Vojinovic recently warned on her Facebook profile about the problem of irregularities in competitions in theater houses in Sarajevo. She specifically complained that she had recently applied for a competition at the Sarajevo War Theater, to which she had applied.

On October 25, a daily advertisement was announced in the daily press for the admission of three actors to temporary employment for up to one year. However, actress Ivana Vojinovic, who herself applied for the competition, on her Facebook profile pointed to a number of illogicalities in the implementation of the competition procedure.

She wrote that she did not start acting to silence political parties, that she did not start doing business in order to “chase a stall” in order to get on the theater boards at all, and especially not to be humiliated by the application which is irregular.

“I do not think it is legal for one of the more important members of the committee to be someone who is in a close private relationship with a candidate who is subsequently admitted, nor that the director of the theater attends the audition of only certain candidates. It is also interesting that certain candidates had very detailed information about who applied, who dropped out and the like even before the audition itself, “Vojinovic wrote, among other things.

She told that she had taken some legal action on the case, but did not want to talk about specific names, but said she intended to let the institutions do their work and check her allegations.

“It is my right, but also an obligation, that is, to check irregularities if I think they exist. My status and my decision to speak clearly and loudly about this are nothing personal to a theater or to my colleagues. Many of them I appreciate, but I can’t agree to set competitions that happen year after year. It’s not ethical and it’s not something that neither myself nor my colleagues deserve, “Ivana Vojinovic told

Ales Kurt, bh. director and screenwriter and director of SARTR, said Selma Alispahic was composed of a committee for the admission of candidates, Nejra Babic and Mirela Lambic . There was also a supervisor assigned by the Sarajevo Canton to this theater house, and Kurt commented on Ivana Vojinovic’s allegations that he did not attend the auditions, emphasizing that the director of the institution cannot be a member of the committee and that he only occasionally appears to oversee technical matters and check that there is a process going on.

“There is an appeal deadline at every public competition. It exists that someone complains if he or she feels that he or she has been harmed. A colleague of Vojinovic exercised her right, she complained, so that a lawyer’s response is currently pending and then she goes to the board of directors. Then she will as a last resort she can also sue the institution, cancel the competition if she proves she is right People have the right and need to complain if they think they are being denied I as a director neither evaluate candidates nor am I a member of the committee did not interfere at all, but as far as following this competition I think it was correct, ie the procedure was followed, “Kurt pointed out.

He assured with certainty that there was no political agitation in this competition, but that the candidates were selected solely on the basis of what they had done so far.

“One of the items evaluated in the competition was playing in professional shows and internships. There were candidates who lost points because they didn’t have these items. Generally the problem is when actors who are in their 30s appear. this is a sign that this system is wrong. We should hire these children, give them all a chance to get a job. This is a sad story. Every ten years, an actor competition opens. Work should be done systematically to create new jobs for these young people. “added SARTR Director Ales Kurt.

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