October 28, 2020


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Fast and efficient: How to defrost a car lock

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It doesn’t take long to lock the car lock, and when it does, it can cause a lot of problems. The good news is that there are several ways to defrost it quickly and effectively.

It only takes a little water for the lock to freeze and you can’t get in your car in the morning. This can happen if your car has been out all night or you washed it just before the temperature drops. If you do not have a special de-icer on hand, these are the tricks that can help.

Hand Disinfectant

Many of us, especially women, carry a hand bottle with gel disinfectant. It can help you solve the problem. Compounds in germ-destroying hand sanitizers also reduce the freezing point of water and can dissolve ice inside the lock within seconds.

To defrost the lock, simply coat the key with a hand cleaner and gently insert the key into the lock, but do not push and apply pressure. The last thing you want is to break the key or keep it broken in the lock. So, if you see that the key will not enter the lock, push it lightly, according to Firestone Complete Autocare . If you were able to push it into the lock, leave it in the lock for 30 seconds for the alcohol to do its job. Then try turning the key and opening the door.


Unless you have a special de-icer, some people use the WD-40 by pointing it directly at the lock. In their experience, the WD-40 has a similar effect as a defrosting agent, and in addition prevents the lock from re-icing, according to Express .

Warming up the key and other tricks

You can heat the key with a lighter or a match, but make sure that the key is not hot but only warm to the touch and take care when heating the key so that the flame is not close to the key so as not to damage the plastic part of the key and the electronics in it.

Another option is to take a straw from your home, shorten it, put it over the lock and blow warm air into the cylinder. The third way is only possible if your car is in the yard and you can pull the extension cable to turn on the hair dryer and defrost the lock.

Also, try to push the door. The pressure should break the ice that is trapped around your neck and allow you to open them.

Never use hot water

Hot water will thaw the lock at that point, but it’s not exactly the best solution. It can actually damage the lock and the electronic mechanism inside it, as well as damage the plastic parts on the door. Plus, when it cools, it will freeze your lock again.

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